Dr. Gopale Dental Clinic

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Business Name: Dr. Gopale Dental Clinic
Category: Dentist
Establishment year: 2005
Member since: 6th August 2018

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Dr. Sagar Gopale
Dr. Gopale Dental Clinic
Opp Ethape Hospital, Navin Nagar Road, Sangamner
, Ahmadnagar - 422605, Maharashtra, India
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As one of the most renowned dentist by profession in the region, I am actively serving the society from past 9 years. Looking to expand opportunity in various sectors, I have helped thousands of people in the region with best health care services, fitness training, personal motivation speaking, and counselling. Founder of Elite Professional's club, Rotational Library of Motivational Books, and Sunday Trekkers Club, I am also a proud member of some socially active groups and organizations including Rotary Club Sangamner. My aim is to serve a society to become a better place to live.

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Dr. Sagar Gopale
Opp Ethape Hospital, Navin Nagar Road, Sangamner, Ahmadnagar - 422605, Maharashtra, India