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Category: Software
Establishment year: 2017
Member since: 30th October 2017
Helpline: 18001800999
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Mr. Sarang Apte
Biz Info Systems
+91 9860953336
Plot no.21, Rama nagar Layout, Alodi
, Wardha - 442001, Maharashtra, India
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We can help Businesses to improve their online presence by creating their, 1. Digital Business Card to grow their referral business, 2. Google Listing easy to locate their location when search, 3. Website to improve their Online Visibility and 4. To manage their daily Appointments As you know, today your customers is on Mobile phone and they Google(Search) everything on their mobile for what they are looking for. For example Doctors near me, Hospitals near me. And if your presence is not on their Phonebook and on Google, then you will miss the opportunity to serve your customers. So to solve these problems, we can help you. With Digital Business Card, Google Maps and Website, we will improve their presence on their Customer’s Mobile and Online.

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Mr. Sarang Apte
Mrs. Kirtee Apte
Co Founder

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Biz Info Systems

Mr. Sarang Apte
+91 7152248299
+91 9860953336
Plot no.21, Rama nagar Layout, Alodi, Wardha - 442001, Maharashtra, India
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