Awesome Interactive Business Card

Your Interactive Business Card now in your Customer’s Phonebook Contact App which will never get misplaced or lost.

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Why I need Interactive Business Card?

  • My Customers are on Smartphone.
  • So my Interactive Business Card MUST be in their Phonebook Contact App.
  • Which enable them to share my Interactive Business Card with their Contacts to grow my referral business.

Paper Business Card

After scanning QR code on Business Card, it will appear in Customer’s Mobile Phonebook Contact App.

Mobile Interactive Business Card


1. Easy to share Interactive Business Card with QR Code Or URL like on WhatsApp/SMS/On Call
2. Exchange of Contact*: You can get Contact details of the person who scan and save your Interactive Business Card.
3. Compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and all other Smartphones.
4. QR Code: Suitable for printing on Interactive Business Card, Leaflet, Brochures, Magazine, Newspaper, Banner etc enable customers to take Call for Action.
5. People do carry their Smartphone so your Interactive Business Card in their Phonebook Contact App.

How it works?

For Business Users

Steps to create and manage Single/Multiple Business vCards.

1. Visit Sign up OR Login Login
2. Fill basic details like Name, Company, Contact Details and Address, Logo/Photo etc.
3. You can view immediately your Interactive Business Card as you keep filling details, by just scrolling down.
4. After filling all details you can submit the form and check your mail to authenticate yourself and to login to complete your registration.
5. After login view your Dashboard My Account for other functionality.
6. Few Important links on Dashboard My Account
  1. Edit Profile: To manage your basic details.
  2. Interactive Business Card: To manage multiple Interactive Business Card of team.
  3. Download Interactive Business Card
  4. View Web Card (powered by Google Translate)

For Your Customers

Easy Steps to Download Your Interactive Business Card as Contact in your customer’s Phonebook Contact App.

A. Scan QR Code using any QR code App Or
B. Open Interactive Business Card URL in Mobile Browser
C. Use step A Or step B to download VCF file.
D. Tap on VCF file to open it with Contact App and Save my Interactive Business Card. It will appear in your Phonebook Contact App as shown above or below.