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Your Business card now in your Customer’s phonebook which will never get misplaced or lost.

We print thousands of copies of Business Card in order to exchange them and to grow our business. Printing Cards incur cost and inconvenience to carry them all the time. But people with whom we exchange don’t keep it all the time.

As shown on next page, you can print just few copies of Business Card with QR Code on one side. So whenever you meet any person, instead of giving him Business Card, you can ask him to scan your Business Card to save your contact details in his Mobile’s Phonebook permanently.

Business Card : Front Side

Business Card : Front Side<

Business Card : Back Side

Business Card : Back Side
After scanning and importing Business Card, it will appear in customer’s mobile Phonebook as shown on next two pages.

Business vCard in Mobile Phonebook: Vertical View

Business vCard in Mobile Phonebook: Vertical View

Business vCard in Mobile Phonebook: Horizontal View

Business vCard in Mobile Phonebook: Horizontal View
Digital Business vCard will have Details like
  • Company Logo,
  • Your Full Name,
  • Designation and Company Name,
  • Mobile Numbers,
  • Email Ids,
  • Office/Home Addresses,
  • Websites,
  • Location on Google Maps,
  • All Social Medias
  • Business Details in Short
Easy Steps to Download Digital Business vCard as Contact in your Phonebook.
  1. Scan QR Code using, Or
  2. Open in Mobile Browser
  3. Use step A Or step B to download VCF file.
  4. Tap on VCF file to open it with Contact App and Save my Digital Business vCard. It will appear in your phonebook as shown above or below.


  1. Easy to share vCard with QR Code Or URL like on WhatsApp/SMS/On Call
  2. Exchange of Contact*: You can get Contact details of the person who scan and save your Business vCard.
  3. Compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and all other Smartphones.
  4. QR Code: Suitable for printing on Business vCard, Leaflet, Brochures, Magazin, Newspaper, Banner etc enable customers to take Call for Action.
  5. People do carry their Smartphone so your Business vCard in their phonebook.
* If QR Code is scanned using

Why I need my Digital Business vCard?

In today’s digital world, everyone carries smartphones and it is lot more easy to share our business details overs various platforms like WhatsApp, Emails, SMSs etc on different Smartphones like Apple, Android, Windows. Generally everyone tend to save Name and only Contact number of the person in his Phonebook with different or funny extensions to recognize him later. Later for further interaction and to get other contact details like emails, Office address, website etc we generally WhatsApp/Call those contacts. Sometimes, it might be embarrassing. But if we save all details as Digital Business vCard and send as it is. And if receiver could save it in his phonebook with few clicks then he/she will not ignore to do it so.

How it works?

With SMART capability of Smartphone’s Phonebook utility, it is possible to save contact details in VCF File (reference Irrespective make of Phone like Apple or Android or Windows, one can save details like Name of Contact Person, Company Name, Designation, Phone Numbers, email ids, Office/Home Addresses, websites, Address on Google Maps to create his own Digital Business vCard and share it will all his contact so that his contact can also share it further to get to referral business leads. As mentioned on NEXT PAGE please refer few easy steps to create and manage your Digital Business vCard by filling necessary details.

Steps to create and manage Single/Multiple Business vCards.

  1. Visit
  2. Fill basic details like Name, Company, Contact Details and Address, Logo/Photo etc.
  3. You can view immediately your Visiting Card as you keep filling details, by just scrolling down.
  4. After filling all details you can submit the form and check your mail to authenticate yourself and to login to complete your registration.
  5. After login view your Dashboard My Account for other functionality.
  6. Few Important links on Dashboard My Account
    1. Edit Profile: To manage your basic details.
    2. Visiting Card: To manage multiple vCards of team.
    3. Download Digital vCard
    4. View Web vCard (powered by Google Translate)